Women in Shared Mobility

movmi has built a co-hort of 100+ women leaders and experts in transportation through its Women in Shared Mobility interview series. Over the past 5 years, movmi has been hosting this series to amplify the voices of women who work in transportation, specifically within shared mobility.

Why is this important? Because less than 22% of the transportation workforce is female. And of those less than 3% are in a CEO position.

This means that our transportation system has an inherent design bias and we’re committed to do our part to lift women up in our space. And to ultimately diversify the workforce that is deciding how we all move around every day.

Empower Women in Shared Mobility Award 2024

In order to bridge the gender gap and to create a more balanced and equitable transportation ecosystem, we need more women making decisions at the table. That is why we are looking for women entrepreneurs that are tackling the transportation problems of tomorrow for our EmpowerWISM 2024 Program.

The winner will receive:

  • The winner will be awarded a valuable pro-bono consultancy package, meticulously tailored to foster growth and assist in securing investment.
  • A startup package with AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO which includes promotional marketing and a start-up stand at the March event in Paris, this year.
  • Return flights to Paris to attend AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO generously provided by INVERS.
  • Top 3 finalists will be featured as guests on the Byte Size podcast and runners up will be featured on Future Movers blog.
  • The winner will be featured in an interview for ITS International Magazine.

EmpowerWISM 2023 Winner - Whee!

Whee! is a design driven, user centric impact startup. They want to change urban mobility by offering a car alternative to the user group that needs it the most, namely families in dense urban areas.

They offer a subscription for an accessible midtail cargo bike. A bike for three with insurance, maintenance and community included at a fixed monthly price. Their solution is research based, and is tapping into the specific transportation needs of urban women and caretakers, needing to trip chain, with kids and goods.

In 2023 they will accelerate their hardware project. Whee! are developing their own mid tail cargo bike focusing on 3 arches: 1 longevity and circularity 2 fleet operation and repairability 3 User experience, especially focusing on women and families. This combination is a new approach to LEV design. Bundled with an holistic service, they firmly believe it is the missing piece in the puzzle of sustainable urban mobility and they want it to have the biggest possible reach and impact.


EmpowerWISM 2023 Ceramic Mug

The goal of Empower Women in Shared Mobility 2023 (EmpowerWISM) is to encourage and promote the women-founded and managed companies within our industry, who are creating waves and making change happen. By purchasing this mug, you will be supporting and empowering (not only women in mobility) but women in management and founding roles within the shared mobility industry. All contributions will go towards the annual EmpowerWISM initiative!

2024 Empowering Partners

Partner Network

movmi’s partner network is a global community of shared mobility innovators that shape the way we move around. They are quite diverse and provide vehicles or IOT devices, the software or tools, the operational support or data needed to create accessible, affordable and sustainable mobility options for our cities. 

Allihop AB

Earth Ride




Fleet Labs


Hergele Mobility



One Mobiilty

Place Intelligence




The Urban Catalyst

The Good Seat

Voi Logistics

Vostok Electric



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