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November 2022

Dan Fumano: Planning for Metro Vancouver’s ‘next million’ residents is just as hard as it looks

Published by: Vancouver Sun

CityAge conference hears from experts, business leaders and government officials on how – and where – Metro Vancouver can add another one million residents.

EmpowerWISM programme expands for 2023

Published by: ITS International

movmi’s initiative to promote women in the shared mobility industry is now open.

May 2022

‘Cookie-cutter approach’ a no-go as B.C. grapples with transportation challenges ahead

Published by: Business in Vancouver

Experts at GVBOT forum urge more collaboration solving transpo woes

October 2021

The future of Mobility: These innovative BC companies are showing the world better, greener ways to get around

Published by: BC Business 

From bikes to trucks to scooters, local businesses (including movmi) and researchers keep churning out new transportation options that also help fight congestion and carbon emissions. 

Opportunity for B.C to become e-ride market leader

Published by: Business in Vancouver

This story originally appeared in the Oct 25 edition, published just hours prior to B.C. governments announcement of its CleanBC plan. movmi’s contribution focuses on how to electrify carsharing and why electric micromobility is the next thing for BC. 

[Podcast] Launching Sustainable mobility solutions in cities

Published by: Mission Shunya

movmi’s Venkatesh Gopal discusses how cities can enable electric shared mobility, if the 15-min city is actually a reality and what type of behaviour change is required to ensure the success of shared mobility.  

August 2021

[Video QA] Change Maker of the Year 2021

Published by: BC Business

movmi founder Sandra Phillips won the 2021 Change Maker Award handed out by BCBusiness. In this video Q&A she shares her thoughts on turning change into reality and rewriting the rules.

July 2021

Electric cars can’t be the only zero-emission vehicles on the road

Published by: Corporate Knights

In this Oped, Sandra Phillips explains why we need a range of e-vehicles, including e-scooters, if cities are to have any hope of meeting climate targets.

April 2021

Sandra Phillips of movmi: We’re all trying to get people moving without a car

Published by: ITS International

movmi founder Sandra Phillips talks to Adam Hill about why transport integration is sometimes a matter of trust – and how to empower women in transportation.  

Sandra Phillips 2021 Clean50 Honoree

Published by: Globe and Mail

The Clean50 award honours leaders addressing climate change in energy transition, waste reduction and financing a clean economy transition. Sandra Phillips was recognized for her work on shared mobility and personal transportation. 

December 2020

[Video] How the Pandemic Has Changed Our Transportation Habits

Published by: Business in Vancouver

Transportation patterns have been upended throughout the pandemic amid work-from-home policies, school disruptions and health concerns. A new report from Vancouver-based Movmi unpacks what’s been going on and the implications for the future. CEO Sandra Phillips joins the show to discuss. BIV reporter Tyler Orton hosts. 

September 2020

Pandemic redraws urban transportation road map

Published by: Business in Vancouver

Tyler Orton digs into the data of the “Rebuild Tomorrow’s Mobility” survey and draws out the most critical findings around work from home, commuting and mode shifts.

August 2020

COVID experience shows transit systems need to be nimble

Published by: Vancouver Sun

Susan Lazaruk summarises the findings of the “Rebuild Tomorrow’s Mobility” survey and highlights the policy changes Vancouverites would like to see.

June 2020

The Problem of MaaS transit post Covid19

Published by: ITS International

Adam Hill shares some of the top insights on the impact the pandemic has on mass transit and its solution. Features a few of the Covid19 Shared Mobility Taskforce members.


Multi-modal alternatives blooming for urban commuters

Published by: Business in Vancouver  

Tyler Orton summarises how Vancouver companies such as VeloMetro, SpareLabs or movmi transform how we move around.S


Car sharing in Calgary | Calgary Eyeopener with David Gray, Angela Knight | Live Radio | CBC Listen | CBC Listen

Published by: CBC  

David Gray from the Calgary Eyeopener is chatting with our founder Sandra Phillips on what the key success factors are to attract a new carshare in Calgary.

B.C. e-scooter pilot zeroes in on first/last-mile challenge

Published by: Business in Vancouver  

The province has given green light for cities to start a micromobility pilot in summer 2020. Business in Vancouver interviewed us on the implications of that decision.


December 18, 2019 car sharing business to close | On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko | Live Radio | CBC Listen

Published by: CBC  

Gloria Macarenko, host of CBC’s On The Coast, interviews our founder Sandra Phillips on ShareNow’s (formerly known as car2go) exit in the North American and Vancouver market.

Share Now, formerly Car2Go, to pull out of Vancouver in 2020

Published by: The Globe and Mail  

Sandra Phillips interview for Globe and Mail’s analysis of car2go’s recent update that they will cease operations in Vancouver.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast – Monday October 28 | Calgary Eyeopener with David Gray, Angela Knight | Live Radio | CBC Listen

Published by: CBC  

Paul Karchut, host of CBC’s podcast “Calgary Eyeopener”, covered car2go’s recent pull out of car2go from Calgary and included our founder’s thoughts in it. Head to 21:50 for the full story.

Opinion: In the age of Uber, are car sharing services headed for trouble?

Published by: The Globe and Mail  

Our founder, Sandra Phillips, wrote an opinion piece for the Globe and Mail, explaining why car2go pulling out of 5markets in North America is not an indication that carsharing is doomed and a thing of the past.

Truck&Fleet ME October 2019

Published by: Issuu  

Our team looked at the shared mobility landscape in the Middle East and the October Issue of Fleet & Truck published a summary.

UAE’s ekar achieves highest utilization compared to Free Floating Carshare operators globally

Published by: AMEinfo  

Our team conducted a gap analysis for ekar, Dubai’s first free-floating carsharing service. We found that ekar not only shows excellent utilization rates but also offers a best in class user experience.


Lime shutters LimePod, raising questions about viability of free-floating car-sharing model

Published by: GeekWire  

Geekwire interviewed movmi’s CEO on the recent shutdown of LimePod’s and ReachNow’s carsharing services in Seattle.

Rapidité du changement : évolution du transport dans nos villes | Canadian Urban Transit Association

Published by: Canadian Urban Transit Association  

In this webinar for the Canadian Urban Transit Association, Sandra Phillips explains how carsharing companies are laying the foundation for an autonomous future.

MAY 2019

Sharing the Road: Which Canadian Cities are Driving Progress on Shared Mobility?

Published by: Corporate Knights

Sandra Phillips wrote an OpEd sharing insights into the findings of the 2019 Shared Mobility City Index for Canada. And the 7 deadly-effective policies that cities can use to support shared mobility.  


Vancouver drops two spots in Shared Mobility Ranking

Published by: BC Business  

BC Business shines a spotlight on the 2019 Shared Mobility City Index findings for Vancouver.

Does Vancouver’s transportation network risk stalling out? 
Published by: Business in Vancouver

Business in Vancouver’s Tyler Orton interviewed Sandra Phillips on the topic of Vancouver’s 2019 Shared Mobility City Index position (audio). 

September 2018

The Problem of Fleet Relocation in On-Demand Services 
Published by: Urban Mobility Forum

In this article of the Urban Mobility Forum, Sandra Phillips explains one of the toughest challenges and potential solutions for one of on-demand services: relocation.

Carry On Movin’On  – Michelin’s Mobility Event
Published by: World HighWays

This highlevel summary article highlights of some of the talks and insights from Movin’On’s conference in 2018.


Why Business Fleets Are Slow to Embrace Car-Sharing, and What They are Missing 
Published by: Fleet Management Weekly

Fleet Management Weekly shines a light on why North American business fleets are lagging behind other markets in embracing carsharing. 

JUNE 2018

Montreal’s Movin’On event sparks mobility innovations from around the world
Published by: Driving

movmi was invited to Movin’On, the world summit on sustainable mobility, to speak on panel. Here, Sandra Phillips discusses the future of mobility and how cities can adopt new more shared mobility modes that integrates with public transportation. 

MovinOnPanel2018AllenMcEacher 1

may 2018

Transforming transport with shared mobility
Published by: TED
Shared mobility architect, Sandra Phillips, shares her vision for a game-changing transportation solution: car-sharing. 


march 2018

Lyft exec pitches Vancouver on value of abandoning car ownership
Published by: Vancouver Courier

This article discusses autonomous vehicles and how regulation is necessary to avoid adding more congestion. 

Sandra Phillips: more mobility for everyone
Published by: BMW Magazine

In this interview, Sandra Phillips discusses her vision of mobility that won her the “Next Visionaries” competition; a competition launched by BMWi in collaboration with TED. 

january 2018

How Vancouver entrepreneur Sandra Phillips became a shared mobility architect
Published by: The Globe and Mail

In this interview, Sandra Phillips discusses her journey in shared mobility. 

The Rise of Autonomous Vehicles: Planning for Deployment Not Just Development
Published by: RD Magazine

This article discusses autonomous vehicles and the challenges remaining to implementing this across the world. It also features Ontario’s Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN), the first Canadian city to make a promise and significant investment into AVs.


DEcember 2017

BMW I/TED Next Visionaries Winner Talks Shared Mobility
Published by: Autotrader

Sandra discusses her vision of inclusive transportation that serves the needs of all citizens in urban and rural areas with electric AVs and public transit.



November 2017

Sandra Phillips wins BMW-sponsored contest with idea of integrating public transit with autonomous and electric minibuses. 
Published by: Driving

movmi’s CEO and founder, Sandra Phillips, shares how mobility could be transformed in the future where electric AVs and public transit will be make mobility more socially equitable that serves the needs of all citizens.


TEDWinningSmile2 1

September 2017

TED Next Visionaries Winner Decided.
Published by: BMW

 Sandra Phillips’ vision wins in the Next Visionaries competition; a competition launched by BMWi in collaboration with TED. 


Next Visionaries Final Idea Pitch 2017
Published by: Next Visionaries

Listen to Sandra Phillips’ vision about how shared mobility can make it more socially equitable for everyone.

Next Visionaries, a Francoforte premiate le migliori idee sul futuro dell’auto

Published by: Wired Italy

 “Alla fine, il contest e stato vinto dalla svizzera Sandra Phillips, che ha proposto una visione del futuro in cui auto autonome, trasporto pubblico e car sharing si integrano alla  perfezione rivoluzionando la mobilità” 

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