Have you ever considered what is required to design, plan and build a new shared mobility service?

Are you curious how user preferences, community choices and regulatory framework interplay and influence these shared mobility services?

Want to hear from the trenches to understand what works and what doesn’t?

Have all these questions answered and more, in our interactive Shared Mobility Architecture 101 course – launching August 2021.

Shared Mobility Architecture 101

Be at the forefront of the shared mobility revolution by learning movmi’s process of Shared Mobility Architecture to bring a vision to reality.

This course focuses on the building blocks of Shared Mobility Architecture, the Iron Triangle of successful shared mobility service design (the users, operations and the regulatory framework) needed and I will give you a jump start developing any shared mobility service.

Why take movmi’s course?

  • Self-paced learning with option to tap into movmi’s team and exclusive slack community
  • Access to best practices and lessons learnt from 10+ years of Shared Mobility Architecture
  • links to relevant case studies, examples and other resources from across the globe
What are the costs?

There are two options for you.  

  1. Self-guided learning: Gain access to all five modules for 12 months. Only $48 if you sign up before August 1st (normally $97).
  2. Supported learning: Gain access to all five modules for 12 months          + access to movmi’s team for feedback on your project                              + invitation to exclusive movmi slack community forever. Only $249 if you sign up before August 1st (normally $499). 

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Shared Mobility Architecture 101 - The Building Blocks

Identify the key components of Shared Mobility Architecture and how you get from vision to a successful launch of a service.​

Module 2: The Design Process - Users, Use Cases & Community

Develop a service that is centered around the users by understanding their mobility patterns, challenges and needs.

Module 3: The Design Process - Operations Vehicles & Technology

Propose an operational setup that will support your vehicle choice but create a safe, reliable and convenient service for users.

Module 4: The Design Process - Regulatory Framework

Show the aspects of the regulatory framework for shared mobility services to understand the impacts on users, your operations and finances.

Module 5: The Design Process - Outcome

Draft an outline of the design document including information about users, product features, and regulatory requirements that your operational team needs to understand.

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