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Advancing your team’s knowledge and understanding of the latest sustainable urban mobility trends and helping you create the most engaging yet nerdy transportation events.


What does movmi offer?

Skills Builder Workshops: Does your team need to understand the ins and outs of shared mobility? Committed to make it work in your community?

Urban mobility trends come and go on a daily basis and it’s hard to decipher facts from fad. Our Skills Builder Workshops are anchored in 14 years of experience in working on real-life projects, hard data and facts and focused on what will have the biggest positive impact. We tailor the content to your team’s needs, no matter whether your team is new to shared mobility or has experience already. 

All our workshops leave teams with:

  • Benchmark data and real-world case studies,
  • practical tools for their day-to-day jobs,
  • additional role and industry experience, and
  • inspiration to further invest and develop sustainable mobility in your community. 
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A few companies we’ve held workshops for include

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What kinds of workshops does movmi offer?

We have been creating and delivering educational content on the subject of Shared and Sustainable Urban Mobility since 2010 and have been involved in over 50 different workforce trainings: We have hosted workshops, i.e Honda UK, BMW, PayByPhone, a stakeholder workshop for 80 municipalities in the State of Luxembourg or an engineering training for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in British Columbia. Since 2020 we have also created online and offline courses and lectures, including an ongoing collaboration with EIT Urban Mobility: both our courses (micromobility and DRT) have a learner’s feedback of 4.6 or better.

Preview one of our workshops

Check out our keynote presentation for the Women in Transportation Society on why increasing diversity requires behaviour change.

Stakeholder Events

What does movmi offer?

We have expertise in creating and curating content rich and joyful transportation events

We’ve successfully planned and executed numerous movmi Mingler events, specifically designed to facilitate meaningful connections, share valuable insights, and inspire innovative collaborations. Our attendees consistently include industry leaders, innovators, policymakers, and key stakeholders, all coming together in a relaxed, social atmosphere that’s perfect for exchanging ideas and discussing the latest trends.

In addition to our Mingler events, movmi has co-hosted, programmed, and managed several major industry conferences. These include The New Mobility Forum, which brought together 150 delegates, Shared Mobility Rocks in North Vancouver, an event that attracted 200 delegates and the Active Transportation Summit in New Westminster, a significant gathering with 330 delegates. Check out more details about these conferences below.

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Events we've curated

Shared Mobility Rocks 2023

Last year, movmi hosted Shared Mobility Rocks, created by the Flemish NGOs and Mpact for their annual unconvential shared mobility symposium. Modelling the event after a festival has allowed the organizers (and us) to infuse a different energy and really focus on how to make shared mobility rock from an operational and regulatory perspective.

Active Transportation Summit 2024

The 2024 Active Transportation Summit – co-hosted by BC Cycling Coalition and movmi, and sponsored by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure plus many others – is a two day conference where planners, engineers, and leaders from local and provincial governments, industry, nonprofits, and academia meet to shape the future of Active Transportation in British Columbia.


TransLink New Mobility Forum 2017

On December 4th, 2017, we played a pivotal role in curating TransLink’s first New Mobility Forum in Metro Vancouver. This landmark event brought together key stakeholders from provincial, regional, and municipal governments, alongside leading commercial entities in the new mobility services sector. The event focused on collaboration and dialogue, aiming to build the necessary momentum, consensus, and trust among participants.


movmi's Mobility Minglers

Our in-person minglers provide an invaluable platform for industry professionals to connect, discuss, and collaborate on pressing topics in the mobility sector. Hosted at various venues, these invite-only events operate under Chatham House Rules, encouraging open and honest dialogue among participants. Each mingler features an expert panel that delves into current and emerging trends, such as micromobility integrations and sustainable transportation solutions. These gatherings are designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration, enabling attendees to share insights and ideas that drive innovation in the mobility ecosystem.

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