E-Learning: Policy Navigation For Micromobility

Policy Navigation For Micromobility

City regulations played a massive role in shaping e-scooter and bike share deployments in cities across the world. We are delighted to announce that movmi has collaborated with Joyride Academy to create a free e-learning course, so that you can learn what it takes to navigate the rules and regulations for shared micromobility.

The instructor for this course is movmi’s very own Venkatesh Gopal. Venkatesh is an expert in operations design and financial modeling and has worked with every mode (car-bike-scooter-moped-transit) there is in the shared mobility space. 

The course contains four explainer videos, interactive quizzes and three downloadable resources, including a regulations checklist.

What you'll learn...

1. Introduction to Policy Navigation

In this module you will learn why policy navigation is important, especially when it comes to partnering with cities, launching and growing your operations, understanding regulations and winning permits.

2. How Regulations Impact Your Business Model

There are three key areas with regards to city regulations that shape your business model, fleet, rider safety and infrastructure. This module dives into the nuances all three.

3. Common Regulations in Europe and North America

This module takes a look at five common policy regulations in Europe and North America and focus on what you can ride, where you can ride, how you should ride, where you should park and if there are any equity mandates.

4. Integrating with Public Transportation

In this module you will learn why it is important to partner with a public transit authority to create an integrated transportation system.


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