EmpowerWISM 2022: Meet the 19 Applicants!

The EmpowerWISM panel of judges have begun the very hard task of choosing the top 5 finalists and winner from this years amazing group of applicants! In case you our new to the EmpoweWISM Pitch, here is a recap:

Our Empower Women in Shared Mobility Pitch is a program dedicated to encouraging and empowering women-led companies within the shared mobility industry. The winning mobility venture (as voted for by our panel of expert judges) will receive:

  • A 12 month mentoring package from movmi
  • A start-up booth at Autonomy Paris provided
  • Return flights to Paris provided by INVERS

We received 19 applications in total and wanted to share with you an overview of the entrants. Keep reading to find out the focus areas of each company, where they are located in the world and the women majority of each company!

Empower Women In Shared Mobility Pitch 2022: Meet the 19 Applicants

Applicant Overview

Let’s Meet our EmpowerWISM 2022 Applicants!

1. AllihopGreen Business Travel Platform & Corporate MaaS Solution

Allihop targets the European B2B market through a search engine and booking tool that helps corporate travellers make sense of the fragmented green travel landscape. Through Allihop, they can find the fastest, cheapest, greenest way to travel either by train, public transport, electric car, or micro mobility services. Built-in gamification empowers users to get familiar with their carbon footprint and take steps make lasting behavioural changes. Automatic invoicing, carbon reporting, and duty of care make for a seamless client experience.

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2. Autonomous Vehicle ConsultingHelping individuals understand the benefits of Autonomous Mobility

As the Founder and CEO of Autonomous Vehicle Consulting, Selika is a leading industry voice for responsible investment, engagement, and preparation for New Mobility including robot delivery, autonomous and electric vehicles, and self-driven freight. She provides consulting services through her company Autonomous Vehicle Consulting, matching equity and D&I to business goals of new mobility working with OEMs Governments Startups and Associations.

3. BluedotOutbreak Intelligence Platform

Bluedot are building banking for electric car drivers, offering a rewards base ecosystem for electric car owners to expedite EV adoption and make public charging station investment profitable faster. By doing that, they help businesses and charging station brands to increase engagement with drivers via enabling one-tap point of any auto-related expenses starting from charging.

4. Earth RidesModern Electric Rideshare

Earth Rides is like Uber with a fleet of all electric vehicles and a focus on safety and quality. Earth is committed to offering transparent pricing and payouts by committing to never surging riders and always giving drivers visibility into each cost of the ride. Earth uses a mixed model of employment to allow for those who own their own EV to drive on the platform as I9 and those who do not as W4 with an hourly rate + tips.

5. ewakaRevolutionising the way your business moves

Building on from importing electric vehicle (EV) mobility options, in 2022 ewaka plans to secure investor funding to develop an African assembly production facility. By establishing an assembly production capability, we aim to offer a green response to Africa’s expanding transportation needs for safe and efficient travel. Ewaka is spearheading sustainable mobility that will enhance the region’s economic prospects.

Ewaka plans to produce scalable mobility solutions where connectivity, efficiency and sustainability come first in the African ecosystem. Our core offering will target three customer segments, corporate clients, African SMEs and initially, universities with closed campuses.

For corporate customers, Ewaka has a fleet management capability designed to improve efficiencies within their fleets. African SMEs will be offered multiple EV motorbike options that suit their unique business needs. By targeting SMEs who make up the backbone of the region’s economy, Ewaka will be supporting the creation of new commercial opportunities. For Universities with closed campuses, Ewaka’s iconic design, easy to use and affordable electric scooter will address a significant unmet market need for safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation within campus borders.

6. Feonix – Mobility RisingMobility Solutions for the Health and Wellbeing of Every Person in Every Community

Feonix creates mobility solutions for the health and wellbeing of every person in every community. They provide world class mobility management, accessibility and equal access assurance, training, and technology support in each community partnership and deployment. Their Mobility as a Service deployments are driven by local community priorities every step of the way.

They are currently supporting programs in 7 states, with major corporations, insurance companies, automotive manufacturers, as well as family foundations alongside over 160 local partners. For technology, they work with incredible partners like SkedGo, What3Words, Spare, and beyond to configure the technology to meet the needs and goals of the community leaders. Feonix also focuses on ensuring that multiple sectors of local leaders are at the table ranging from healthcare to education to veterans, to employment. They believe everyone should have access to the necessary resources they need to survive and thrive.

7. Fleet LabsThe all-in-one solution for commuter mobility

Fleet is the all-in-one commuter mobility platform, designed to make daily commuting smarter, easier, and more sustainable. Their SaaS SAAS solution provides everything an employer needs to design, launch, and manage impactful commuter programs – all in one place, with no added overhead. Fleet replaces a multi-month, five to six-figure setup process with a few clicks a single HR or facilities professional can complete in a matter of minutes. Workplace commuting is a mounting threat to employee wellbeing, and by automating a lot of the work of transportation teams, they make big-company superpowers accessible to everyone.

Their beautifully designed, intuitive dashboard seamlessly ingests data through over 70 HRIS integrations, and discovers a workforce’s unique commuting DNA. Here, employers explore mobility recommendations, set program budgets, and administer employee incentives for participation in commuter programs. Employees can find all their commuter tools on Fleet’s mobile app: trips, budgets, a 24/7 chatbot concierge, leaderboards, and more. They issue Flex Mobility Cards for all transportation-related transactions, and take care of payments and accounting on the back end, eliminating expense reports and reimbursements.

Their platform offers ultimate flexibility, supporting services from any mobility operator. They also offer discounts and preferential pricing through direct partnerships with many of these providers.

8. FleetsimplifyFleet management for shared mobility

Fleetsimplify is a fleet management platform for shared mobility. In Africa, 80% of the urban dwellers don’t own vehicles, hence shared mobility is thriving in the cities. The problem is that there is no platform for the gig drivers to rent vehicles to drive while the vehicle owners lack a platform to source verified & rated drivers. They verify the drivers & connect them to vehicles and charge the vehicle owners a commission of 15% of the total revenue generated per month. 300+ vehicles have been monetized on our platform, 1000+ drivers accessed vehicles.

9. Hergele MobilityAll inclusive shared mobility

Healthier cities begin with sustainable mobility. Hergele Mobility help with reducing the amount of carbon emissions and traffic congestion by empowering entrepreneurs to launch their shared mobility platforms worldwide and create more sustainable future.

For an operator to start a micro mobility fleet, the to do list is very long and any trouble in the process could easily translate into months of waiting, which also translates into months of overall costs. That is where Hergele Mobility step up on the stage and take care of all of these risks.

Hergele Mobility offers an all inclusive pack for emerging operators to start their own fleet in weeks. Fleet Pack includes the hardware and the software; the end user mobile application, the backend fleet management system, the operators app and the loT integrated vehicles.

10. Hydroplane Ltd.The Flight Plan to Emission Free Aviation

Hydroplane Ltd. is a minority woman founded, owned, and led sustainable aviation and green energy storage for transportation technology company. They are developing a 200 kW hydrogen fuel cell power plant for aviation, marine, and fleet vehicle applications. They were awarded a highly competitive Agility Prime USAF Contract to develop the technology for governmental and commercial use cases. They have just completed our Seed Round Raise to take the technology from prototype to product and operations.

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11. KidcabooA children’s rideshare designed for working parents

Called an “Uber for kids,” Kidcaboo is a famtech company, centered around a mobility solution that transports children, but is designed to meet the daily responsibility and scheduling needs of working parents, specifically working moms. Often, the daily lives of working parents and their school-age children don’t easily coexist. Almost always, a sacrifice is required, be it a parent’s career, or an important, enriching children’s activity. Working moms, who bear a disproportionate burden in managing child-related needs, tend to be most impacted.

This problem has deep roots, including an antiquated, unrealistic gap between school and work hours, and a dearth of relevant transportation. Attempted solutions have involved band-aid efforts, like school bussing or in-school aftercare. But the problem remains, and its consequences – including gender inequality in the workplace – have compounded. Kidcaboo boasts industry-leading, safety-enhancing mobility tech, two self-developed apps, AI-driven cameras, driver monitoring, GPS tracking, accident prediction and heavily vetted, trusted Driving Nannies. Our growth aims to ease the daily burden of working moms, so that parenting and professions no longer have to be at odds.

12. MileusCommuting home. Comfortably.

Mileus provide B2B2C API technology for deep, automated integration between public transport in busy city centres and taxi & ride-hailing services in areas where residents have to transfer or where public transport wouldn’t take them at all.

Their intermodal technology enables our customers, ride-hailing and taxi operators, to provide the combined transport service to their users in their own apps. Integrating their technology, their customers can triple their user engagement, double their ride frequency and grow the average revenue per user by 20+%, while enhancing vehicle utilisation and fleet efficiency. In other words, their customers can grow their revenues, increase market share, and gain a competitive advantage. To grow sustainably.

Mileus aim to motivate residents, service end-users, to trade their private cars for this combined service. This is more comfortable and faster than a journey by public transport only and cheaper than a trip by taxi only, with guaranteed service availability and quality.

For cities, this solution motivates residents to leave their cars at home, redistributes ride-hailing demand from congested centres to areas outside these, and reduces congestion and pollution. So at the same time, it enables ride-hailing & taxi operators to grow without the usual negative impact on cities.

13. Mobility for AfricaRenewable community based transport solutions for Sub Saharan Africa that are affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly

Mobility for Africa, a social enterprise, working in Zimbabwe, aims to bring solar powered electric transport solutions to women and their families that are affordable, efficient and adapted to peri-urban and rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. Tough sturdy renewable energy charged electric bikes and tricycles, branded and backstopped by trained community support services, provide an avenue for marginalized and poor families to overcome distances to services and contribute to dynamic local economies. Powered through community based off grid energy supply, e-tricycles will provide the incentive for increased economic opportunities, creating new local markets, tackling gender inequality and enhancing rural livelihoods.

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14. NINASafe cities for everyone

NINA is a startup and consultancy that provides technology integrated into various applications to track reports of harassment and violence, meeting user data privacy standards (LGPD). With NINA, you can increase confirmation of complaints, geolocate users, increase the amount of extracted data and work on multiple apps at the same time.

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15. NüwielMake your city logistics clean and efficient

Nüwiel has been founded by Natalia Tomiyama and Fahad Khan in Germany. At Nüwiel, they have developed the world’s first electric trailer for bicycles (eTrailer) that provides a solution to the last mile, that increases the payload per vehicle without sacrificing its urban mobility. Thanks to their patented Intelligent Riding System technology, the eTrailer accelerates and brakes automatically mimicking the movement of the bike accurately and instantly. This ensures comfort and safety during the ride, even when carrying heavy and bulky cargo on uneven roads. Today, NÜWIEL has a diverse team of 32 employees with 30% women and other minorities in the leading positions.

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16. Punkt vor StrichCloser the Gender Data Gap

At Punkt vor Strich, they design sustainable and digitally supported mobility solutions for and with organizations and communities. These are geared to the needs of all affected people from the very beginning. In this way, they enable better and more user-centered services and products in mobility.

17. Singe NetworkPowering voices to create the future

Singe Network are a multi-media production company that develops hybrid live+tech solutions for overlooked markets with a focus on gender equality and migration. In support of their main product, Pretty Deadly Self Defense, they are developing digital Safety Cards — like the kind found on airplanes – to be delivered via an API key that integrates into mobile apps.

Their primary product is a women’s self defense program that has women’s mobility at its heart. Their self defense product has been developed by women for women, and is based on real life experiences, from microaggressions and public harassment to physical violence. Taking the fear out of traditional self defense, it teaches women how to maximize the tools we already have, including situational awareness, strategic thinking and intuition. Their live program is supported by a mobile app that provides self defense techniques and safety tips on the go. Women can learn self defense and hone their skills whenever and wherever they want.

The mobile app is a video-based app that introduces techniques, applications and training modules in a simple progression, allowing users to learn self defense techniques at their own pace, in their own space – especially useful for people who cannot easily access self defense courses due to economic, geographic or race and gender obstacles.

18. UpGirlYour safety and peace of mind in every journey are the most important thing

UpGirl want to generate a great social impact in the lives of women and their families, providing the best mobility experience and creating a powerful community that provides solutions to their main pains, problems and needs. For that they have developed UpGirl, a female mobility app that connects only female drivers with female passengers incorporating a new verification, travel and business model.

They are creating a strong community where crimes of a sexual nature are prevented in transport that suffer both, female drivers and passengers, family mobility that falls mainly on women is solved, a tool to generate income in a flexible and adaptive way in times of economic crisis, empowering in labor areas that have been dominated by men and a meeting point to go further.

19. ZeamlyInnovations and solutions for making the world carbon neutral with people

Zeamly is an early-phase start-up that aims to make the world carbon neutral with people. They develop innovations and solutions collaboratively and with users in order to find market fit. Their offering and way of working includes engagement of users through creative practices such as co-innovating and co-designing. Zeamly® is a registered trademark and the start-up owns another registered trademark CarbonHunt®.

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