EmpowerWISM Winner & AUTONOMY Mobility World Expo

In this blog pst we’re excited to give you a peek into movmi’s time at the AUTONOMY Mobility World Expo 2024 in Paris this month. It was a whirlwind of innovation, collaboration, and big announcements for us this year! We were thrilled to be part of three insightful panels and even had the honor of announcing the winner of the Empower Women in Shared Mobility Award live on stage – for this first time every! 

Keep reading for the highlights of our experience at AUTONOMY and to find out the winner of this year’s EmpowerWISM Award!

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EmpowerWISM & movmi at AUTONOMY Mobility World Expo

Overview of AUTONOMY Mobility World Expo

AUTONOMY Mobility World Expo is the perfect conference for anyone who is passionate about the future of urban mobility.

Picture this: experts, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the globe gathering in one spot to share ideas on autonomous vehicles, sustainable transport solutions, shared mobility and everything in between.

It’s not just a conference, it’s a hub for networking and a place to showcase of the most innovative tech shaping the way we get around cities. It’s where the movers and shakers in the mobility world come to connect, collaborate, and catapult the industry forward. If you’re interested in staying ahead of the curve in urban mobility, this expo is where you need to be next year!

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Empower Women in Shared Mobility 2024: Announcing the Winner

This year, EmpowerWISM took center stage with a live award ceremony at the AUTONOMY Mobility World Expo. Guiding us through this celebration were Natalia Le Gal, a Behavior Scientist and movmi associate, alongside Adam Hill, the Editor of ITS International. EmpowerWISM isn’t just about handing out awards; it’s about igniting a movement toward diversity and inclusion within the transportation sector.

Despite women comprising a significant portion of the global workforce, their presence in transportation remains notably low, accounting for just 20% of industry roles. However, studies reveal that companies with more women in leadership positions can experience up to a 50% boost in profits and performance.

EmpowerWISM isn’t just about recognizing achievements; it’s about reshaping the industry landscape to pave the way for equitable, gender-balanced transportation systems. This year, we received an impressive 14 applications, each showcasing remarkable initiatives aimed at revolutionizing transportation (check them out here). After thoughtful deliberation from our esteemed panel of judges (see judges here), four outstanding projects emerged as finalists, A Fleet for Change, Axle Mobility, Loud Mobility and Mobility for Africa.

These finalists exemplify the spirit of EmpowerWISM by pioneering solutions that not only enhance mobility but also promote inclusivity and sustainability within the transportation sector.

So without further ado – it’s time to annoucne this years EmpowerWISM winner…

And the 2024 EmpowerWISM Winner is...

Mobility for Africa 👏

With a vision to revolutionize the rural African economy through the adoption of electric vehicles, Mobility for Africa aims to empower rural communities, especially women, with reliable, affordable, and green transportation solutions. Their commitment extends to fostering local economic development, reducing gender inequality, and enhancing access to social services through collaboration and partnerships.

Unfortunately, the Mobility for Africa team couldn’t attend the Autonomy Mobility World Expo and the award was accepted by. However, we hosted a behind-the-scenes, strictly invite-only, need-to-know award ceremony just before the live event. Here’s their reaction to being named this year’s winner…

And the 2024 EmpowerWISM Runners-Up are...

A Fleet for Change & Loud Mobility 👏

Offering an affordable on-demand transport service, A Fleet for Change prioritizes efficiency and safety. By leveraging innovative in-app features and trained bus drivers, they’re redefining public transport accessibility while fostering community connection.

Driven by the mission to catalyze system-change in sustainable mobility, Loud Mobility undertakes high-impact, cross-sector projects aimed at widening participation in sustainable transport. Their endeavors are geared toward benefiting people, places, the planet, and fostering recreational opportunities.

In this snippet from our online award ceremony, our judges highlight the excellence of both these companies and express our admiration for the work being done by both A Fleet for Change and Loud Mobility.

The 2024 EmpowerWISM Second Runner-Up is...

Axle Mobility 👏

Focused on integrating disruptive vehicles seamlessly into operations, Axle Mobility understands the challenges faced by fleet managers and solution providers. Their approach centers on addressing present-day problems while anticipating future challenges, ensuring practical and sustainable solutions.

To delve deeper into our judges’ thoughts on Axle Mobility and to learn more about the impactful work they’re undertaking, check out this brief clip below.

The 2024 Outstanding Venture is...

Streetlife Ventures

Streetlife Ventures is a $30M seed-stage venture fund investing in urban climate solutions to transform sectors including mobility, buildings, energy, waste, and water. For climate impact and social impact they’re committed to investing in 50%+ female and diverse founders.

Streetlife Ventures is a “startup” venture capital firm – boldly rethinking how venture firms should operate, and what they should invest in. And they’re doing it despite the odds: women and diverse fund managers receive less than 1.4% of AUM on the VC space. This then leads to the devastating stats that we know well – that very few female startup founders receive venture funding.

Learn a bit more about Streetlife Ventures below from Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Laura Fox. 

A few more panels that movmi was involved in...

Implementation approach of mobility to emphasize decarbonization

We were delighted to be part of the ‘Implementation approach of mobility to emphasize decarbonization’ panel at AUTONOMY, where movmi’s Venkatesh Gopal engaged in insightful discussions with fellow panelists Anders Wall, Group CFO & Head of ESG at GreenMobility, Debbie Dekkers, Innovation and Program Manager at Urban Innovation and R&D at Municipality of Amsterdam, and Chris Kirby, CEO of Tomorrow’s Journey.

A key takeaway from the dialogue was the central importance of sustainability in contemporary urban transportation planning, with a strong focus on decarbonization. Despite this emphasis, there’s a notable oversight in sustaining clean transportation services. The exchange highlighted the consensus among public authorities, regulators, service providers, and end users regarding the necessity of addressing this gap.

Specifically, the conversation shed light on effective frameworks for shared mobility services and the need for localized policy frameworks to integrate such services into community behavior, exemplified by initiatives like the North Shore shared e-bike program in Metro Vancouver. The panelists also emphasized the significance of adopting a regional approach to transportation planning, even for micro-mobility and carsharing, as demonstrated by case studies involving free-floating carsharing across multiple municipalities.

Additionally, they underscored the potential of electrification in democratizing access to clean transportation, urging policymakers to prioritize a shared-first approach for zero-emission vehicles. The panel concluded with a stimulating exploration of what urban mobility would look like if we could start afresh, with a consensus emerging for a future characterized by reduced car dependency and a greater emphasis on shared services.

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Decarbonizing transportation: Are we looking at the ecosystem approach?

We were also thrilled to have Venkatesh participate in the panel on “Decarbonizing transportation: Are we looking at the ecosystem approach?” alongside Michael Glotz Richter, Shared Mobility Policy Expert, Ex-Senior Municipal Project Manager, Becky Winter, Co-Founder/Director of A Fleet for Change, and Solenne Cucchi, Senior Manager of Urban Mobility at Visa. Throughout the discussion, the panelists delved into the concept of an ecosystem in mobility, emphasizing the collaboration among public authorities, mobility service operators, supporting infrastructure, and end users. Each panelist provided their unique insights into this ecosystem and its vital role in transportation planning within our cities.

One of the key takeaways centered around the importance of space allocation in urban mobility, as highlighted by Michael. Drawing from examples across European cities like Bremen, he showcased how reallocating public space away from personal car parking and expansive motorways can lead to substantial economic savings, such as the equivalent of 150 million euros. Instead, focusing on initiatives like carsharing, affordable housing developments, and enhancing walkability proved to be more economically beneficial.

Solenne emphasized the need for seamless integration of mobility services, both physically and digitally. Addressing challenges in payment systems, she advocated for frameworks like open-loop payments to facilitate smoother multimodal journeys, ultimately enhancing user experience.

Venkatesh stressed the importance of hyperlocal connectivity in mobility services. He cited examples where the failure to localize new mobility services resulted in their inefficacy, such as an on-demand shuttle service in Yorkshire that overlooked community travel patterns and needs.

In essence, the panel underscored the intricate dynamics of the mobility ecosystem and the necessity of addressing spatial allocation, seamless integration, and hyperlocal connectivity to effectively decarbonize transportation and shape more sustainable urban environments.

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