Member Experience of Evo for a Hike in Vancouver

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Evo is the most recent car sharing company in Vancouver that movmi helped to launch. Evo is drastically improving the urban mobility of our hometown. Alexa took an Evo ride for a hike with friends in Vancouver and documented her member experience of Evo in this video. Here’s what she discovered.

The Registration Process 

Before riding with Evo, or any car share service, it’s necessary to provide certain details before being approved and registered as a member. We found the sign up process with Evo to be very simple and efficient: we simply signed up online, and then called ICBC to send over our driver’s abstract directly to Evo. The registration process took less than 10 minutes and we were approved as a member within 3 business days.

Using the Evo App

Far superior to other car share apps we’ve used in the past, the Evo app seems virtually glitch-free. It’s simple to install, easy to use, and allows you to hold a vehicle near you for 30 minutes, unlock, and finish a trip right from your smart phone. We particularly loved the lag-free lock and unlock features of the app which made getting into the car and locking up quick and frustration-free. 

The Evo Hybrid Cars

In addition to Evo’s software, the hardware comes out on top as well. Evo’s hybrid Toyotas are easy to drive, spacious for up to five friends, and simple to park with the rear-view backup camera. The push-start ignition also allows you to start the vehicle without removing the key from its glovebox holster, and the rooftop racks allow you to bring your sports equipment or bikes with you. Finally, we loved the sun roof!

Parking an Evo

Heading out to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove was no problem for parking, but we did find it a bit tricky to get parked upon returning to downtown Vancouver. Though Evo offers a special parking permit that allows you to park in any residential zone in Vancouver, you cannot park in 1hour time restricted zones, which means you can’t leave your Evo in a 1 hour spot. With the dedicated Evo parking stalls being taken upon our return, we had to circle a few times before finding adequate parking.

Top 3 Things for Evo

As a conclusion, we loved how well the Evo app works, how wonderful the hybrid Toyotas are to drive, and the fact that there is a cap of $14.99/hour for longer Evo trips.

What can Evo improve? We’d love to see the parking restrictions change so that we can leave our Evo also in the 1 hour time-restricted parking stalls and make the trips even more seamless.

You can use discount code evo2evo for free registration and 30 minutes of driving time.

If you are interested in learning more about our member experience of Evo or want to discuss more, please contact us.

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