Summer School: From Mindshift from Modeshift

Are you ready to revolutionize urban transportation? If you’re an urban planner, transportation engineer, civil engineer, or mobility service provider looking to make a real impact, mark your calendars for August 20-22, 2024, because the Shared Mobility Summer School is coming to Camden, London, UK!

From Mindshift to Modeshift

Tailored exclusively for professionals like you, this three-day intensive program will take you on a journey from mindshift to modeshift, exploring the cutting-edge strategies and insights needed to design, implement, and embrace shared mobility solutions in urban environments.

Led by industry experts and thought leaders, each day will be packed with theoretical input sessions, engaging guest lectures, collaborative group work, and invaluable networking opportunities with senior transportation professionals, operators, and policymakers from the vibrant city of London.

Why Camden, London?

Camden is known for its vibrant atmosphere, creative energy, and cultural attractions, making it the perfect backdrop for the Shared Mobility Summer School. With its iconic markets, live music venues, and artistic landmarks, Camden pulsates with life and diversity, offering a dynamic setting for exploration and learning.

But what sets Camden apart isn’t just its cultural allure – it’s also the urban challenges it presents. The bustling streets and historic landmarks of Camden provide a real-world laboratory for studying shared mobility solutions. From navigating congested thoroughfares to preserving historical integrity, participants will encounter a diverse array of transportation challenges and opportunities.

By immersing themselves in Camden’s urban landscape, participants can analyze and propose innovative strategies tailored to the unique characteristics of this vibrant city. Whether it’s optimizing transportation networks or enhancing accessibility for all residents, Camden offers a rich tapestry of experiences to inspire and inform the next generation of urban transportation professionals.


Summer School Course & Instructor Overview

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the dynamic teachers and topics awaiting you:

  1. Key Aspects of Successful Shared Mobility Design Led by Sandra Phillips, Founder & CEO of movmi

    Sandra will delve into the design biases that shape our transportation systems, offering practical methods for identifying and eliminating them. By prioritizing inclusive design principles, Sandra will demonstrate how addressing biases can enhance equity, efficiency, and user-friendliness, ultimately driving increased adoption of sustainable mobility solutions.

  2. Regulatory and Physical Realities that Make/Break Shared Mobility Led by Michael Glotz-Richter, Shared Mobility Expert

    Gain a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and physical constraints that influence the success of shared mobility initiatives. Michael will navigate through the complexities of policy and public space allocation, providing insights into the challenges and opportunities involved in fostering sustainable transportation solutions.

  3. The Key Levers to Shifting Behaviors Led by Georgia Yexley, Founder of Loud Mobility

    Discover how to make shared mobility more inclusive and accessible for underrepresented groups such as women, newcomers, and individuals with physical disabilities. Georgia will share innovative strategies for overcoming adoption barriers, including cultural perceptions and safety concerns, paving the way for a more diverse and equitable transportation ecosystem.

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