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shared mobility business model
shared mobility

Shared Mobility Business Model

In this article we take a look at the global shared mobility market size and growth and shared mobility trends, help you understand the various different shared mobility business models, offer advice on how to build a shared mobility business model to suit your needs and use movmi’s own case studies to explore the challenges and successes with different business models  

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Car Sharing

Understanding the Car Sharing Business Model and How to Build Yours

The car sharing business model isn’t something that is so simple to understand. Because of the various structures that are available for the creation of your carshare operation, the needs of the business model will range. However, you can be pretty certain that your car sharing business model will need a healthy balance of attention on regulation, finances, technology, operation, and market assessment. Keep reading to understand the carsharing business model and how to build yours. Like this article? Here is some more of our content you should check out.

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