Five Foundational Carsharing Policies For Any City, 2020

We are at the center of a transformational shift in transportation: with Shared Mobility offerings leading the way in the transition to CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric). Carsharing is one of the Shared Mobility offerings that has been confirmed to have a positive impact on communities with less vehicles owned and vehicle miles travelled.

The 2020 Carsharing City Awards is a unique celebration of the cities and their people who are leading the way in introducing, maintaining, supporting and recognizing the value of having a sustainable carsharing eco-system within their city.

“The 2020 CSA Carsharing Awards are important especially as we prioritize sustainable mobility in our new reality. Cities who are making carsharing a priority and creating the environment in which to do so are meeting their mobility goals. The Awards are a way for us all to learn what is best practise, what is working and what innovations can be spread across the globe!”

– Pam Cooley, Executive Director, Carsharing Association.

There are two categories: Metropolitan and Regional. The Metropolitan Award recognizes a city with over 750,000 inhabitants whereas the Regional Award shines the spotlight on a city with less than 750,000 inhabitants. The 2020 Carshare City Awards received 27 nominations from across the globe, 20 applied for the Metropolitan Award category and 7 for the Regional one.

In this whitepaper, we list the top five policies for any city with successful carsharing systems.

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