Rebuild Tomorrow’s Mobility: Reporting back on the impact of COVID-19 in Vancouver, 2020

Reporting back on the impact of COVID-19 on travel behaviour, mobility and workplace preferences of Metro Vancouver residents.

One of the most emotionally charged topics of discussion in the Vancouver region this summer has been the bike versus car on Stanley Park drive in Vancouver’s beloved downtown park.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a defining moment for urban mobility because our usual patterns have been revised, reshaped and remodelled.

This report is capturing the changes to Metro Vancouverites lifestyles and travel behaviour during the initial Phase 1 (work-from-home state) and the following recovery phase 2 as reported by our Rebuild Tomorrow’s Mobility survey. It was conducted online by means of voluntary participation and was distributed mainly by our partner organizations through social media and other channels (see Appendix A for more details on methodology). The surveys were conducted from June 10th to July 5th and capture the behaviours, sentiments and wishes of the general population of Metro Vancouver. With 958 responses the survey has a confidence rating of 95%.

The pandemic has changed the way we interact in our urban spaces, and we’d like to highlight five main takeaways from our questionnaire.

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