Balanced Shared Mobility Policy

We will support your city in developing policies that strike the balance between community benefit and operational feasibility.

What does movmi offer?

Want shared mobility to thrive in your city?

Shared mobility options are still relatively new and cause many questions and concerns from regulators. The impact they have on cities can be positive – increasing sustainable and affordable modes for all – or negative with cluttered sidewalks, services that are only for the wealthy few or financially struggling operators that leave the market overnight.

Our approach always starts with understanding people’s needs and challenges for shared mobility services. We then engage with local service providers through structure interviews to gain neutral insights into the operational realities. Lastly we collate international best practices of similarly sized cities and policy examples to inform the shared mobility policy recommendations for our clients. This approach benefits the local community and sets shared mobility up for long-term success.

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Our Impact

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Sixfold increase of number of ZEV carshare vehicles

Changing existing parking regulations by introducing a 95% discount when parking ZEV carshare vehicles at meters as well as removing arbitrary ZEV vehicle cap, increased electric carshare vehicles by 6x in less than 2 years. 

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Policy to allow carshare to expand its network by 20%

First ever carshare regulation for the entire state of Luxembourg which allowed the local carshare to expand it service network by 20% and serve previously underserved rural communities.

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Revised policy attracted a new carshare provider in Calgary

car2go left Calgary because of a regulatory framework that was too expensive. The revision of Calgary’s carshare bylaw allowed the City to attract a new carshare provider (Communauto).

Our Service in Action

Flex Carsharing

City of Vancouver

movmi was hired to study the operational viability of electrification for carshare in the City of Vancouver, in order to recommend a change in the City’s carshare parking policy…

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City of Moncton

movmi compiled a list of key performance indicators for carsharing through desk research, lessons learnt from past projects and a handful of case studies from other Canadian markets…

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City of Luxembourg

movmi developed a baseline of the Luxembourg situation through several site visits, stakeholder interviews and a thorough analysis of travel, census and employment data… 

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