Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, Luxembourg


Client Type

Public Administration


Car sharing


What We Did

Project Approach

During the initial phase, the team developed a baseline of the Luxembourg situation through several site visits, stakeholder interviews and a thorough analysis of travel, census and employment data. The analysis included the review of the operational data of the local carshare providers to identify gaps and opportunities.

This was then complemented with an international regulatory scan to identify potential regulatory solutions that would match Luxembourg’s situation. The case studies focused on regulations that support the geographical expansion focused on parking bylaws and multimodal stations but also what municipal partners can do to increase adoption (i.e communication support).

Lastly the team developed regulatory, operational and organizational recommendations to increase the adoption of carsharing in the Grand Duchy. These recommendations where then presented to Minister Bausch and team and subsequently summarized in a workshop for all municipalities of the Grand Duchy.

The recommendations were the foundation for Luxembourg’s carsharing Law which was implemented in 2023, less than one year after the delivery of the workshop. This law is the foundation for the geographical expansion of carsharing and has allowed the local CFL Mobility to increase its parking locations by 20%.

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