City of Moncton

Moncton, Canada

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What We Did

Project Approach

During the initial phase, the team focused on demand projection for the City of Moncton. movmi compiled a list of key performance indicators for carsharing through desk research, lessons learnt from past projects and a handful of case studies from other Canadian markets.

This then was integrated into the financial feasibility analysis, highlighting the typical economic levers for carsharing success. movmi then modelled two distinct scenarios – one where the City of Moncton would create a carshare from scratch, the other one where an existing provider would be invited and partially subsidized.

Finally the team compiled a list of additional recommendations that will help the success of carshare in Moncton. The final output was a report that was presented to Engineering Staff at the City.

2 months after delivery of the feasibility study, the City of Moncton approved the 2024 City budget which allocated $50,000 to begin a car share program in the city.

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