Consumer Mindshift

We help convert more customers to become active shared mobility users through behavioural interventions.

What does movmi offer?

Are you looking at converting more vehicle owners to use your service? Or are you wanting to increase your monthly active users? 

We know that people’s transportation behaviours are very sticky, once habits are formed people move around our cities on “autopilot”. But not all is lost: we use behavioural insights to gain an understanding of your existing audience and then help you create strategies that will scale your shared mobility service. It all starts with understanding the current patterns of users (or potential future users) and mapping that against the findings of a behavioural audit of your existing channels. We have helped our clients design a number of interventions – from communication campaigns, wordsmithing content to re-designing product features. We then set up options to test and validate the interventions so our clients know the winning candidate that should be implemented at scale. 

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Our Impact

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Increased adoption from 1% to 1.54%

We identified the right way to upsell insurance through fake door test which increased adoption from 1% to 1.54%.

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56% of employees changed their work-related travel behaviour 

In the Shared Mobility Compass Card pilot program with TransLink, 56% of users agreed that they changed their work-related travel behaviour while using the pilot.

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10,000 downloads in the first 24 hours

Changed registration flow for ReachNow which resulted in over 10,000 downloads in the first 24 hours.

Our Service in Action


Shared Mobility Compass Card

TransLink enlisted movmi’s help to create a Shared Mobility Pilot in collaboration with the operators which was launched in October 2019 and ran until August 2020…


BMW ReachNow Carsharing

movmi’s Founder, Sandra Phillips, was hired as the interim Chief Customer Officer for 9 months overseeing all business development, product development and marketing efforts and transitioning knowledge to the incoming CCO…

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