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We will help you create a pragmatic product strategy & roadmap to integrate public transport with shared mobility

What does movmi offer?

Are you looking at integrating shared mobility and public transport into one service offering?

Shared mobility and public transportation naturally complement each other. However, the challenge lies in integrating them in a way that ensures long-term success: it needs to be reliable, affordable, easy to use and engaging. The question is, how can we strike a balance between the physical components and infrastructure with the software layers? For nearly ten years, we have led the way in this area, offering our expertise to clients like Transport for London and TransLink. By focusing on your ultimate vision for your service, we establish intelligent objectives centred on enhancing the customer experience. From there, we craft a detailed product roadmap that logically phases digital features, while at the same time taking considering existing physical infrastructure.

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Our Impact

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56% of employees changed their work-related travel behaviour 

In the Shared Mobility Compass Card pilot program with TransLink, 56% of users agreed that they changed their work-related travel behaviour while using the pilot.

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60% of participants replaced private vehicle use

During the same pilot, 60% agreed that they replaced the use of personal vehicles with other forms of shared mobility.

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30% tried a new form of transportation

30% of the participants also agreed that they tried a new form of transportation during the pilot.

Our Service in Action


Bowen Island On-Demand Transport

Between July 15th and September 15th 2019, the first on-demand bus pilot became available to all residents on Bowen Island, British Columbia and movmi was a collaborator from its inception…


BMW ReachNow Carsharing

movmi’s Founder, Sandra Phillips, was hired as the interim Chief Customer Officer for 9 months overseeing all business development, product development and marketing efforts and transitioning knowledge to the incoming CCO…


Shared Mobility Compass Card

TransLink enlisted movmi’s help to create a Shared Mobility Pilot in collaboration with the operators which was launched in October 2019 and ran until August 2020…

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