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We will help you create a Growth Strategy to achieve profitability in your shared mobility service.

What does movmi offer?

Are you trying to overcome profitability challenges of your shared mobility service?

Shared Mobility services have a reputation of not being financially sustainable. We disagree: it is possible with a mix of cost control and revenue increasing initiatives. Keeping operations lean is part of financial success; yet developing additional revenue streams is the real key to long-term profitability. We have developed business cases and growth strategies for about a dozen shared mobility operators, helped implement them and tracked the success of the recommendations.

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Our Impact

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From $2M monthly losses to profitability

We helped transform a digital parking venture that lost $2 million per month, turning them profitable in 12 months, culminating in an acquisition by a public company.

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Identified 16.8M in additional revenues

We identified 16.8 million in additional revenues for a client operating a station-based carsharing service.

Our Service in Action


Hello Scoot'

Hello Scoot’ is a shared and connected electric scooter rental service in Tahiti. movmi worked with the company to create an evaluation of various growth opportunities…

Flex Carsharing 1

Flex Carsharing

Flex is one of the leading carshare operators in Luxembourg. With their association with the CFL (national railway company), the company has been focusing on a multimodal-centric strategy…


RAA Carsharing

Royal Automotive Association (RAA) having partnered with Flexicar, a round trip carsharing service in the region, RAA wanted to understand the feasibility in other operating models for carsharing…

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