United States

Client Type

Private, Venture Capital Backed Startup


Micromobility, Electric Moped Share



What We Did


  • Technology feasibility
  • Launch strategy
  • Operational planning
  • Build (growth strategy)

Project Approach

In 2017, movmi was approached by the founders of Revel Transit who wanted to launch the first electric moped share service in New York City. Their objective was to launch with 70 mopeds in 2018 and enlisted movmi’s advisory services in guiding their technical and operational setup. After a 1 year pilot, they asked movmi’s guidance on where to expand Revel to.

movmi provided recommendations for software and telematics to setup an electric shared moped service. movmi also provided insights into operational setup (eg rebalancing teams, user training, customer service approach). During the expansion efforts, movmi reviewed the 2019 SMCI findings with Revel’s leadership team which supported their decision to launch in Miami, Washington DC and San Francisco.

Over 2.5 years, the 60 mopeds available increased to 6000 mopeds across 5 markets.

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