UBC, Vancouver, Canada

Client Type

Private Investor Backed Startup


Micromobility (Electric Bikeshare)



What We Did


  • Primary market research
  • Service & product design
  • Operational planning

Project Approach

UBC’s Vancouver campus is spread out and was looking at micromobility options to support students moving between buildings through their “living lab” program. Supported by UBC Parking group, it was decided to run a six months pilot during the winter, evaluating if shared velomobiles (Veemos) would be used and how.

The Veemo vehicles incorporate elements from both the car and the bicycle. They work similarly to a normal electric bicycle, as they are human-powered but have an electric component to help get over hills or long distances. At the same time, they incorporate car-like functionality including storage, weather protection, and a navigation panel. Sustainable features of these vehicles include the rooftop solar panels that charge the vehicle’s battery.

movmi’s team supported Velometro in the setup of the pilot and conducted primary market research to identify the right pricing structure. Additionally, movmi trained the operational team at Velometro on customer service and fleet management, provided standard operating procedures as well as checklists for the daily operations.

During the six-month pilot at UBC, 1200+ users logged over 1000 trips, rode over 2000 kilometers, and burned over 120 000 calories. UBC students and other users of the service praised aspects of the service including ease of use, convenience, and usefulness in getting around campus and keeping things like posters dry.

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