Superpedstrian | Link

Cambridge, MI, USA

Client Type

Private, Micromobility Provider


E-sccoter, E-Bikes



What We Did


  • Helped them launch into the Canadian market (growth & launch strategy)

Project Approach

Since 2014, LINK parent company Superpedestrian – a robotics company spun out off MIT – has been developing the world’s most reliable and advanced lightweight electric vehicles (LEVs), including e-scooters, to help cities move more people with less space. Instead of taking the approach of so many other micromobility companies — launching first, letting riders be the test pilots, and fixing the bugs in the vehicles later — they spent the last two years getting the e-scooter right before putting it on city streets. In 2020, they acquired LINK and since then have been given permission to operate in 20 North American and European markets.

They are currently looking at entering the Canadian market and have hired movmi’s team to provide strategic guidance. movmi’s efforts are focused on two areas: community engagement and deployment plan.

Community Engagement entails surveys of and initial interviews with key local stakeholders (business community, labour agencies, persons with reduced mobility, underserved communities and university/colleges). Based on these we provide recommendations on key local partnerships, R&D collaborations and educational event opportunities.
The survey information also feeds into the deployment plans and maps. We use a proprietary mapping tool where we can overlay socio-economic, demographic, land-use, infrastructure and past mobility data. Then we feed the survey and interview data in to identify the right area for launch, potential growth at later stages and also identify locations where potential conflicts might arise.

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