movmi’s Top Moments of 2023

As we say goodbye to another year, we’re excited to take a moment to reflect on the past 12 months. This blog post is a look back at the highlights of 2023, where we celebrate our achievements as a team and as a company. We’ll be sharing some of our most memorable moments, including:

  • The diverse projects that have shaped our journey
  • The invaluable connections and collaborations we’ve forged
  • Our favorite movmi campaigns and initiatives that made a mark
  • And much more!

This time of year is also crucial for acknowledging both our triumphs and challenges. Our mission is to foster healthier communities through the co-creation of innovative transportation services. By examining our past successes and areas for improvement, we gain insights into our actions and their alignment with our goals, infusing our daily work with purpose and direction.

Stay tuned for an overview of movmi’s most notable moments in 2023!

Movmi’s Top Moments of 2024

Collaborating with a diverse range of clients to co-develop highly innovative shared mobility services

This year has been the biggest yet for movmi, with our team engaging in an array of impactful projects with 23 international clients, both public and private. 

Our work in creating transportation ecosystems and integrated mobility saw us partnering once again with Translink. This collaboration saw us making strides towards their Shared Mobility Compass Card Pilot number 2, focusing on digitally enabled Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) incorporating carshare (including station-based) and bikeshare systems. Our efforts were also instrumental in securing ½ million in funding for the project through the Green Municipal Fund.

Our partnership with PaybyPhone resulted in a strategic shift towards serving consumer needs. Through movmi’s Growth Strategy, PbP evolved into a financially sustainable entity with a bright future, transitioning from its previous ownership by Volkswagen Financial Services to its new proprietor, Fleetcor.

We assisted the CDTA, with the launch of their electric carshare program, which will over time become more integrated into their public transportation network. This initiative was supported by funding from NYSERDA, which we actively contributed to securing. 

Additionally, our efforts with Canderel culminated in the approval of a Mobility neighborhood station on October 31st, further solidifying our commitment to creating connected and sustainable urban environments. 

In the carshare sector, we worked with clients both locally and internationally. In  Brazil, we played an advisory role in helping Awto launch their services and assisted in their Series B fundraising and our involvement in the city of Moncton led to the approval of funding to bring in a carshare provider in November, following our comprehensive viability assessment. 

Our contributions in the micromobility sector were equally impactful. We aided Sparrow Scooters with their grant applications and helped them launch their services in Osoyos and Oliver, not only expanding micromobility options in these communities, but also addressing the unique challenges that are caused by the significant number of tourists that visit during the summer months. Services like Sparrow provide a practical solution in rural areas where there is limited infrastructure, ensuring residents and visitors have transportation options all year round.

Using trip data from Mobi by Shaw Go, our team analyzed e-bike and non-e-bike usage between August 2022 and January 2023 to identify differences in trip patterns. The study, which included elevation analysis and shortest path mapping using specialized software, aimed to understand e-bike demand and their impact on urban residents, targeting infrastructure improvement.

We are looking forward to working on the projects we have lined up for 2024 and any new projects on the horizon.


We shared our industry experience by hosting an international conference, EmpowerWISM 2023 and developing numerous online shared mobility courses and publications

Shared Mobility Rocks 2023

As the proud hosts of Shared Mobility Rocks 2023, we were thrilled to bring this electrifying symposium to North Vancouver on September 13. Our collaboration with and Mpact was instrumental in infusing the conference with an edgy rock & roll flair, resonating with the spirit of previous Shared Mobility Rocks editions.

With 155 people in attendance, the day was nothing short of electrifying. We were honored to convene over 60 of the brightest minds  in shared mobility – one third of which were international guests – to foster discussions on groundbreaking innovations and trends within the industry.

Some of the discussions delved into the challenges and triumphs of creating a seamless multimodal shared mobility ecosystem and co-creating regulations that balance innovation with safety and sustainability. Data and the electrification of shared mobility also sparked lively debates, highlighting its pivotal role in achieving sustainable urban transportation. One of the top voted sessions of the conference was the Jeopardy panel hosted by Dale Bracewell and a panel of expert judges. Members of the audience were picked to play a game of Jeopardy around the theme of shared mobility – it was a fun and interactive session with lots of learning as well.

To ensure that the insights and revolutionary discussions from the symposium reached a wider audience, we provided a variety of materials post-event. These included detailed summaries of each session, video highlights, comprehensive session slideshows, and a downloadable version of the entire coverage. It was our joy to see participants not just as attendees, but as integral rockstars of this movement, coming together to shape the future of transportation.

Download the SMR 2023 highlights here.

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EmpowerWISM 2023 Program

This year was the third edition of the Empower Women in Shared Mobility program. It featured 17 international applicants from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia, bringing the total number of women-led companies in our network to 52! and focused on encouraging and empowering women-led companies in the shared mobility industry. The prize package for this year was the most extensive to date.

Key focus areas for this year’s judging included vision, leadership, and innovation, with an emphasis on scalability, equity in transportation, and sustainability aligned with the UN goals. Notable finalists included “itselectric” from the USA, focusing on EV charging for drivers who park on city streets, “NINA” from Brazil, working on women’s safety in public spaces, and “Whee!” from Norway, offering a cargo bike subscription service for urban families – who was ultimately the 2023 winner. The 2023 outstanding applicant was “Tummoc,” a company aimed at improving public transport usage in urban India.

E-learning Courses & Publications

Recognizing that not everyone has the time or financial resources to pursue further education or attend school while working full-time, we have focused on developing e-learning courses as vital tools for professional growth. These online resources provide a flexible and accessible way for professionals to stay informed about the latest industry trends and technologies, helping us all to remain competitive in the shared mobility field.

This year we were thrilled to launch a free online course titled ‘A Brief Introduction to Micromobility’ in collaboration with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s Urban Mobility Academy. This course delves into the role of micromobility within the urban mobility landscape, discussing the opportunities and challenges facing micromobility providers, and how policies and operations can be seamlessly integrated. It also highlights the emerging trends that are poised to influence the future of micromobility in 2023 and beyond.

Additionally, we created a comprehensive free e-learning course, “Demand Responsive Transport (DRT): Where does it fit in?”, also in collaboration with EIT. This course is tailored to empower individuals and professionals, providing them with the knowledge needed to effectively navigate the dynamic landscape of modern transportation. Through these educational initiatives, we aim to make professional development more accessible and impactful for those in the shared mobility sector.

This year, we set a new record in our commitment to knowledge-sharing by publishing the highest number of free resources to date, including an expanded range of useful tools like cheat sheets and checklists. 

Using our extensive knowledge of carsharing, we’ve developed “Playbook 2.0: Integrating Carshare,” which offers innovative strategies for merging carsharing with public transit systems. Our comprehensive case study, “Evaluating Car Sharing Business Growth,” provides in-depth insights into the financial and operational aspects of carsharing, with a particular emphasis on electric vehicles.t.

For the micromobility sector, we created the “Top 5 Common Policy Regulations: Checklist,” a concise and practical guide for navigating micromobility policies. The Micromobility Integrations Recipe’ explores the integration of seamless connectivity within public transportation networks and the “6 Must-Have KPIs” discusses the importance of Key Performance Indicators for shared mobility operators to assess business and operational efficiency. 

We also focused on creating content on the theme of multimodal transportation, which connects various modes of transport to address urban challenges. Neighbourhood Mobility Station” explores tackling urban congestion and infrastructure issues through the ’15 Minute City’ model, promoting efficient, multimodal transport solutions with significant environmental and health benefits. Complementing this, the  “Multimodal Case Study Index” emphasizes the importance of integrated multimodal transportation systems in metropolitan areas, showcasing their successful implementation in eight cities to enhance local transportation efficiency and positively impact communities.

Further emphasizing the importance of gender diversity, we also created the “Women in Shared Mobility Interview Directory” which highlights the vital role of female perspectives in transportation, advocating for a more balanced and equitable transportation ecosystem.

Celebrating the moments we were recognized for our achievements as a team and a company

At the beginning of this year, we were elated to announce that movmi had been selected as a Coralus Venture Semi-Finalist in Canada! Being welcomed into this extraordinary community was a dream realized for us at movmi. The field of shared mobility, being quite specialized, meant that receiving support and votes from hundreds of Coralus Activators from diverse backgrounds was truly extraordinary. This recognition reinforced our belief in the potential of shared mobility as a viable alternative to the personal car for daily transportation needs.

We were also overjoyed to become a recipient of the UPS Microgrant. Facilitated through a partnership with the Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation (IEF), was designed to bolster Canadian small and medium-sized businesses, focusing particularly on supporting founders from equity-deserving and/or racialized communities. Our selection for this grant, part of a series aimed at promoting business growth and innovation, was a significant acknowledgment of our commitment to shared mobility. The financial support from the UPS Microgrant program greatly assisted us in enhancing our projects and initiatives, allowing us to further our impact in the field of shared mobility. 

What’s in store for 2024?

In the upcoming year, we are doubling down on our commitment to shared mobility, and our plans include:

  • Scaling up our team’s capacity.
  • Participating in more conferences.
  • Launching our exclusive shared mobility masterclass – one in Paris and one in Vancouver.
  • Introducing a new shared mobility readiness assessment track for smaller communities.

Additionally, the 2024 Empower Women in Shared Mobility Award Program will begin accepting applications on January 3, 2024. If you wish to receive updates about EmpowerWISM or want to nominate a women-led company, please subscribe to our newsletter here.

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