Integrated Mobility & Transit

We help public transit agencies innovate.

Growth Potential

The integrated mobility market, also known as Mobility as a Service, is projected to grow to almost $300 billion in the United States alone.

Challenges in Integrated Mobility Systems

There are five factors that will make or break your integrated mobility offering:

  1. Integrated into Other Modes: Very few transportation options provide seamless door-to-door service. They’re not well integrated so users have to register for multiple services.
  2. User Experience: Today’s users expect to gain access to transportation through their smartphones. Public transit historically has relied on very little technology.
  3. Pricing and Payment: While pricing of public transportation is affordable for everyone, payment options are very limited. Some cities offer smartcards that can be preloaded with credits, yet no system allows payment through smartphones.
  4. Innovation and Social Equity: Private car sharing and bike share providers are great at innovating with the latest technology. Public transportation bodies have lots of experience in providing services to everyone. Combining the two will offer the best of both worlds and means more collaboration.
  5. Collaboration and Partnerships: Fully integrated transportation requires partnerships between the public and private operators.

How movmi Can Help:

  • Technology Integration
  • Multimodal Transportation Planning & Design
  • Bylaw & Policy Review
  • Operations Set up
  • Training
  • Advocacy / Promotion

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