We support our clients in assessing their market and developing micromobility programs that create impact.

Growth Potential

More than $5.7 billion have been invested in micromobility since 2015 and according to some industry experts, the idea of tech driven, shared micromobility has “been the fastest technological adoption in history.”  Our focus is on electric bikes and mopeds, the best alternatives to a personally owned vehicle for short distances. 


There are five factors that will make or break your bike sharing system:

  1. User Experience: Members want to use their phone for the 3 Rs: Register, Reserve and Rent.
  2. Pricing and Payment: Your pricing needs to be affordable with different pricing scales which promote growth. Plus, your members want to pay by credit or debit card.
  3. Integrated into Other Modes: The easier it is for your members to switch to other forms of transportation and create a seamless journey, the more successful your program will be.
  4. Support Your Local Authorities: Without the proper support from the local government, you will not have access to the right curbside arrangement for your mopeds or e-bikes.
  5. The Right Operational Setup: The goal of your local operations should be to provide the best member experience while being efficient and profitable.

How movmi Can Help:

  • Cost & Revenue Calculation
  • Product and Technology Selection
  • Fleet Setup (rebalancing, charging etc)
  • Customer Service Setup and Training
  • Growth Strategy and Promotion

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