movmi’s Top Moments of 2022

As another year comes to an end, we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the last 12 months and to share some of our top moments as a team and as a company. In this blog post, we take a look back at 2022 and offer a re-cap of some of our highlights, including:

  • The projects we’ve worked on
  • The people we’ve connected and collaborated with
  • Our favourite movmi campaigns and initiatives

Plus much more! It’s also important at this time of year to acknowledge our past victories (and failures). Our social purpose is to build healthier communities by co-creating innovative transportation services. By reviewing our past achievements and short-comings, it allows us to study what we have done, if we achieved what we set out to do and helps to give us meaning in our every day pursuits as a company.

Keep reading for a list of movmi’s top moments of 2022! Check out our blog page to browse all the content we created over the last 12 months.

2022 Top Moments in 60 Seconds

1. Working with a wide variety of clients Co-creating Some Truly Innovative Shared Mobility Services and Focusing on Multimodal Projects

When movmi started out, we used to work on 1, perhaps 2 client projects per year. In 2022, we were able to collaborate with 20(!) different clients, some big and some small,  from across the globe. 

We have refined our products and services and one of our “hottest” products is our revised financial model. It incorporates all the learnings from the past 12 years and is supported by a benchmark database. It has been used for the next phase of carsharing in Luxembourg, the launch of a new micromobility service in British Columbia or to back up RFP responses for a mopedshare in Paris. 

Another highlight is our multimodal work, combining shared mobility with public transit. We have worked with two agencies in Europe and one in North America  in their journey towards an integrated offering. Micromobility is increasingly a focus for public transit agencies and figuring out the right integration strategy for assets and infrastructure that doesn’t cannibalize the traditional service isn’t that easy. Since we know shared mobility inside out, we truly understand how to create a combined product that is robust, equitable and sustainable. 

Lastly, one of our lighthouse projects is focused on the first ever multimodal mobility stations in a residential tower in Western Canada. It meets TDM (transportation demand management) requirements, reduces parking yet increases transportation choices for residents and tenants. We have developed a framework to plan for the ideal shared mobility mix, phasing and partnerships to actually serve these neigbhourhood mobility stations in the long-term. 

2. The First In-Person Mobility Mingler Since 2019

We hosted our first in-person event since the beginning of the pandemic, at Steamworks Brewery in Vancouver in October this year. We were joined by an expert panel, and the topic under discussion for the evening was Micromobility Integrations. The expert panel discussed the benefits of micromobility integrations, how to collaborate effectively with stakeholders, how to make micromobility more accessible and equitable and more!

For a brief overview of the Micromobility Integrations panel discussion click here. You can also check out this short teaser trailer below.

3. Exploring Vancouver and Creating Stronger Connections Through Team Days out & Workshops

Our numerous team days and workshops this year were a great way for us to come together and collaborate in person. During one of these workshops we were able to create a clear social purpose for movmi and through a series of mentoring sessions with New Venture BC, we re-organized our services. 

Brainstorming ideas, discussing personas or new service strategies, also allowed us to build our relationships with each other.  But the real bonding experience was climbing the Grouse.

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4. We Launched the Third Edition of EmpowerWISM to Support Women Entrepreneurs Within the Transportation Industry

This year we launched our third Empower Women in Shared Mobility Pitch Award to showcase and empower the top women-led companies in our industry. By encouraging women to take more management roles in the mobility and transportation sector, we can create a more diverse industry that fosters equitable shared mobility innovation and growth.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors this year, the prize package is the biggest one yet – worth $75,000! The winner will receive:

➡ 1 year support from movmi (up to 30 hours)
➡ 10 hour consultancy package with Boris Pilichowski
➡ Complimentary booth at AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO
➡ Booth at Curbivore conference + 2 free tickets
➡ Booth at Shared Mobility Rocks, Vancouver
➡ Return flights to conference courtesy of INVERS
➡ Guest spot on The Rideshare Guy podcast
➡ Guest spot on Byte Size podcast
➡ Guest spot on My Smart Community Podcast
➡ Guest spot on Today in Mobility Podcast
➡ Guest spot on Transport Energy Strategies Podcast
➡ Magazine Interview with ITS International

The application deadline closed last week and we are delighted to announce that we received 16 applications from a vast array of very exciting and innovative companies! 

The winner of EmpowerWISM will be announced early next year during an online award ceremony, after our judges have had time to deliberate. We will be announcing the top 5 finalists next month, so stay tuned for 2023 updates!

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5. Showcasing the Future Mobility Change Makers at Autonomy, Paris

Sandra Phillips, movmi’s Founder and CEO was invited to be guest speaker at this year’s Autonomy, Paris. Her presentation, ‘Future Mobility Change Makers’ focused on the the trajectory of our worldwide transportation systems, where it’s going and who is leading the chase.

Sandra was joined by a panel of change makers which included the 2022 EmpowerWiSM winner, Susie Kahlich. With a background in psychology, 20+ years of Ninjutsu self-defense training, and certifications in trauma support, Halo focuses on the safety of women in all modes of transportation.  

Also in attendance was EmpowerWiSM 2022 first runner-up Natalia Tomyiama, Co-Founder and CEO of Nüwiel. At Nüwiel they have developed the world’s first electric trailer for bicycles (eTrailer) that provides a solution to the last mile, that increases the payload per vehicle without sacrificing its urban mobility.

During her presentation, Sandra also showcased these messages from a few more mobility change makers in our network – each one an applicant, finalist or winners from the EmpowerWISM 2021 and 2022 programs

6. Expanding our Network by Attending Numerous in-person Events and Conferences

Attending conferences is a fantastic way to learn new skills, network, and stay up to date on industry trends. This year, we had the pleasure of attending many conferences, both in-person and digitally, that provided a great opportunity to meet and chat with like-minded transportation professionals. A few of our highlights this year include Autonomy, Paris, Deloitte Forum, Vancouver Entrepreneur Forum (VEF), CityAge (in July and November) and Transportation Association of Canada (TAC).

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7. Continuing to Share our Industry Experience through Online Shared Mobility Courses

We recognize that not everyone is fortunate to attend conferences, which is why we also build e-learning courses as an important tool for professional growth. By utilizing e-learning, professionals can stay up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies, helping us to remain competitive in the shared mobility field. Last year we launched movmi academy and developed our first ever e-learning course ‘Shared Mobility Architecture 101.’ This year, we joined forces with other organizations and co-created three online learning courses.

‘Policy Navigation For Micromobility’ with Joyride, ‘Mircrotransit/DRT’ with Liftango and a Micromobility course with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) which will be launched early in 2023!

8. Analyzing Contemporary Micromobility Solutions and Sharing our Findings through our 2022 Whitepapers

This year we published three whitepapers dedicated to evaluating, analyzing and sharing data on shared micromobility, including interviews with industry experts and academics.

In our ‘Electric Bikesharing’ whitepaper, we identifed how shared electric bikesharing operations can be a win-win for users, operators, cities and the planet. Our ‘Evaluating Shared Micromobility’ whitepaper, provided a brief evaluation of the technological capabilities of the scooters offered to the public by leading scooter-sharing companies: Bird CanadaLink, Neuron and Roll.

We also collaborated with Arthur D. Little on a Viewpoint, ‘Rethinking Bike-Sharing Performance’, were we explore we explore key components for operational excellence in bike-sharing services, how these components impact customers, and three ways bike-sharing operators can improve performance/SLAs and reduce costs.

Download any of these whitepapers for free below. 👇

9. Advocating for Shared Mobility and its Benefits on Podcasts and Webinars

Throughout 2022 the movmi team was invited on numerous shared mobility podcasts and webinars, including AUTONOMY Paris & the Urban Mobility Weekly‘s webinar series. Sandra was invited to speak about micromobility service providers and how they can partner with Public Transport Operators (PTOs) to reduce private car commuting.

Sandra also had a guest spots on the Today and Mobility and My Smart Community podcasts to chat about harnessing creativity and the power of shared mobility to build our Smart Communities and just this month, Venkatesh was a guest speaker on qucit’s webinar, ‘how could shared electric bikes shape the future of urban mobility.’

We’d like to say a big thank you to you for making our year so special!

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