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movmi's Story: Who We Are and Our Vision for A Shared and Connected Future

For the past century, our transportation infrastructure has been designed with the personal car in mind. Private vehicle ownership has been idolized for decades, with many people valuing it as a symbol of independence, convenience, and status. However, the age of the personal car is ending. The world is now aware of the devastating side effects our idolization has had on our health, our cities and the planet.

movmi is on a mission to shake up the transportation status quo. Our goal is to co-create innovative, sustainable, accessible and reliable transportation solutions that reduce the dependency on private car ownership. How do we do this?

We wield our teams’ Shared Mobility Architecture superpowers to provide award-winning design, planning, and launch services for new shared mobility projects worldwide. Our nimble, 6-person unit has extensive expertise in all aspects of Shared Mobility Architecture, having been involved in over 70 carshare, micromobility, micro transport and Mobility-as-a-Service projects, worldwide.

As a women-owned business, we understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and collaboration. These values are constantly shaping our approach to the work and to the people we employ. Our team is diverse in gender, race and experience, which has allowed us to ‘think outside the transportation box’ and present our clients with holistic mobility solutions, that consider and cater to all demographics. 

Learn more about the problems with our current transportation systems and movmi’s solution, from our Founder and CEO, Sandra Phillips, in this short video below. 👇

Fostering a Culture of Community and Learning at movmi

To create lasting positive change in the transportation sector, we need to support and learn from each other. Our team actively works to cultivate an environment that promotes collaboration, education, and engagement within our community.

We have over 60 diverse shared mobility innovators in our partner network. Many of which have come from our annual ‘Empower Women in Shared Mobility Program’. Designed to help bridge the gender gap and to create a more balanced and equitable transportation ecosystem, our #EmpowerWISM program seeks out women entrepreneurs in the shared mobility sector. Every year (along with our partners and sponsors) we promote and mentor the winning company and offer all applicants and place within our network.

This trusted network also enables us to provide our clients with cutting-edge studies, pilot programs, and policy recommendations that are inclusive from the word go.

We also believe in the power of education. One of movmi’s goals is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to empower individuals, companies, communities and cities, to make informed transportation decisions that benefit society as a whole. We do this by sharing our expertise, insights, and experiences through our extensive blog and free downloadable whitepapers and cheatsheets.

More recently, we created movmi academy, an online learning platform, offering up-to-date, on-demand and shared mobility training. It is a super-cost-effective option to replace conference visits and it can be used for ongoing reinforcement after a classroom workshop.

Case Studies: movmi's Award-Winning Shared Mobility Solutions

Our diverse range of clients includes public agencies such as TransLink, State of Luxembourg, City of Vancouver, City of Calgary, and Vélib, as well as private sector Fortune500 companies like BMW and Honda, and new mobility startups, such as Superpedestrian/Link, Sparrow, Revel, Velometro/Veemo.

Our work is always focused on shared mobility and we offer a multitude of services that include:

  • Strategy Workshops 
  • Pilot Planning & Project Management
  • Policy Regulations & Recommendations
  • Workforce Development
  • Business Case Development & Assessment
  • Product Strategy & Management
  • Transition & Multimodal Planning

Providing Seamless User Experience: ekar

One of movmi’s first carshare clients was ekar, the Middle East’s first pay-as-you-go hourly car rental service. Our team was on site in Dubai and worked with ekar to set up and launch their entire operations. movmi also took on the role of ekar’s Product Manager and we were responsible for the hardware/software setup and testing. By focusing on the user experience, movmi’s work with ekar ensured a simple, clean, and stable experience for the first ekar members and for those to join in the far future.

In 2019, movmi was hired to complete a gap analysis of the entire ekar operations. The final report compared ekar to industry benchmarks and provided detailed recommendations for improvements in each area. After two years of service they were at 22% utilization, which was better than the best performing European cities in 2019. Learn more abour movmi’s work with ekar here.

ekar and movmi

Creating Multimodal Transportation Options: Shared Mobility Compass Card Pilot

At the beginning of 2019, TransLink announced the winners of the first Open Innovation Call focused on multimodal transportation. The winners were three private shared mobility operators (and previous movmi clients) Evo Car Share, Mobi by ShawGo, and Modo Co-operative with the objective to launch an integrated transportation pilot. TransLink enlisted movmi’s help to create a Shared Mobility Pilot in collaboration with the operators which was launched in October 2019 and ran until August 2020.

The goal of the pilot was to test how efficient and well received, integrated and multimodal travel in the city would be. It’s purpose was also to better understand customer needs and how the program could influence mode choice for its users.

movmi played a role in all five stages of the program. Initially by collaborating with the four transport providers to create a consumer survey to understand the needs for a seamless mobility pilot, by leading three multi-organizational working groups (Strategy & Governance, technical & launch squad) during both design and implementation phases and lastly by creating monthly dashboard that was shared with the four transportation providers, showing the total number of active users, number of trips, mode splits, percentage of multimodal trips etc during the operational period. movmi was also responsible for the final evaluation and close-out report.

During the pilot 56% of the participants agreed that they changed their work-related travel behavior because of the SMCC program, 60% agreed that they replaced the use of personal vehicles with other forms of shared mobility and 30% tried a new form of transportation. The Shared Mobility Pilot program was also the recipient of a Canada Clean50 Top Project Award. The program was successful in meeting the Clean50 Top Project’s criteria for an innovative, informative, and inspirational project. Learn more abour movmi’s work with the Shared Mobility Compass Card here.

Shared Mobility 1

Operational Setup For Micromobility Services: Revel Transit

In 2017, movmi was approached by the founders of Revel Transit who wanted to launch the first electric moped share service in New York City. Their objective was to launch with 70 mopeds in 2018 and enlisted movmi’s advisory services in guiding their technical and operational setup. After a 1 year pilot, they asked movmi’s guidance on where to expand Revel to.

movmi provided recommendations for software and telematics to setup an electric shared moped service. movmi also provided insights into operational setup (eg rebalancing teams, user training, customer service approach). During the expansion efforts, movmi reviewed the 2019 SMCI findings with Revel’s leadership team which supported their decision to launch in Miami, Washington DC and San Francisco. Over 2.5 years, the 60 mopeds available increased to 6000 mopeds across 5 markets. Learn more about movmi’s work with Revel Transit here.

Revel Transit Electric Moped Rideshare Program Brooklyn NYC

If you’re interested in learning more about the work we do through the clients we’ve collaborated with, check out some of our projects and client testimonials below. They include a variety of micromobility, carshare, micro transit and multimodal projects we have worked on over the 7 years.

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